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At Spence Baby, we know first-hand that a baby changes everything. No matter how many parenting books you read or classes you take, nothing can fully prepare you for the level of unconditional love and overwhelming sense of responsibility that come to dictate each and every decision you make once your newborn arrives.

Keeping their surrounding environment comfortable and toxin/germ-free is essential for nurturing a baby’s health and happiness. Babies are born with extremely delicate skin and an undeveloped immune system that needs to mature. So, when it comes to their care and nutrition, striving for the best products that go into and on your baby’s body is absolutely essential. That’s where Spence Baby comes in.

The tiniest misplaced seam or the wrong fabric choice can lead to serious discomfort to a baby’s ultra-sensitive skin, and can even be detrimental to their health. The chemicals and dyes used in the production of conventional baby apparel and bedding are the main cause of skin irritation, dryness, chafing, rashes, allergic reactions, and even eczema. This is why Spence Baby is dedicated to providing premium organic baby clothing that has been produced with no harsh chemicals or dyes.

Your baby’s comfort and health are the fundamental driving factors of Spence Baby, which uses only 100% Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified premium organic cotton and bamboo fiber to produce our high quality and stylish baby apparel. But it doesn’t stop there; we even ensure that no harsh or toxic chemicals are present in the dyes used to make our original and timeless designs.

When you purchase from Spence Baby, whether as a gift for a friend’s little one or your own, you can rest assured knowing that no matter how sensitive their skin may be, they will be comfortable in their Spence Baby apparel.


The Birth of Spence Baby

The idea for Spence Baby was conceived out of an unsuccessful search for sustainable yet fashionable baby clothing by Spence Baby Founders and spouses Sandy and Paul Barton. When Paul’s sister got pregnant, Sandy scoured children’s clothing stores in search of fashionable organic apparel to give her sister-in-law as a gift. She was disappointed to find that the two seemed to be mutually exclusive in the current marketplace; organic options were dowdy and stylish options were unsustainable. When Sandy’s search proved fruitless and when her and Paul found out they had their own little one on the way (Spence Baby’s namesake, Spencer Grace Barton), they decided to take on the duty of providing a healthy and eco-friendly option for baby apparel that didn’t sacrifice in style. Right around the time baby Spencer was born, so was Spence Baby Apparel. read more...


At Spence Baby we believe in fair treatment; this not only includes the environment, but also the people who make, wear, and use our products. Our transparent and responsible business policy is carried throughout every aspect of our business, and we require and expect the same honesty and openness from the suppliers and partners we work with as well. This socially responsible approach enables us to keep our carbon footprint as dainty as possible, avoid the use of child and other unfair labor practices, and offer a pure and beautiful product to our customers. read more...